Sunday, March 18, 2012


The US federal debt as of today.

Ever wonder where all that money comes from that's been swelling the deficit - it comes from thin air and a printing press. Obama calls the Federal Reserve and says he needs more dollars to help fund loans for electric cars and solar energy companies. No problem, says the Federal Reserve, how much do you need? 'Well, I need $750 billion for the banks, $100 billion for the unions at GM, $200 billion for solar energy - let's make it $2 trillion in round numbers.' The Federal Reserve asks the President if he wants it today or tomorrow. The President is in no hurry, 'tomorrow will be fine'

Did I mention that taxpayers are on the hook for paying this $2.5 trillion back? The banks all went bust making bad loans, so lets give them more money. General Motors went bust making cars people didn't buy, let's give them more money to make Chevy Volts!

If the Federal Reserve would stop printing money gasoline would be $2 per gallon, not four dollars. The President does want you to know this though. He'd prefer you to fill you car with slime or wind power. It might get you to the 7-11.

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